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Bassamat & Laraqui is one of the leading Moroccan business law firms founded in 1989 on the initiative of three founding partners.

The firm provides personalized services to its clients, adapting to their individual structures and working in synergy with their teams. With a great capacity for anticipation and decision-making, it provides concrete solutions to current legal, economic or sectorial issues and questions in a reactive and proactive manner.
Being aware of legislative and regulatory developments and, above all, being regularly informed of their interpretation. the firm is recognized for its excellence in legal advice and in the mastery of litigation procedures.
The firm is regularly recognized by Chambers, Legal 500, Leaders League and other prestigious international lawyer rankings.
Since 2005, the firm has made available on its website hundreds of legislative and regulatory texts that are regularly updated, as well as a watch with the latest Moroccan legal news. As early as 2007, the firm's team put online the first free portal of Moroccan jurisprudence used today by thousands of practitioners, researchers and students.
  • Bassamat & Laraqui is first and foremost a story of women and men of the law who are driven by the same values. Essential values that are shared, practiced and disseminated daily with irreproachable professional ethics. Order, justice and fairness are an absolute priority: order, rigour and discipline in management, justice at the service of all litigants and fairness in the approach and handling of cases. The firm considers its mission to be a true service to the community.
  • Based in Casablanca, the firm intervenes with its clients located all over the country but also for those considering international development. It is also interested in the many foreign clients investing in Morocco by covering all areas of business law. Specialists recognized in their field of expertise in Morocco and abroad will fully meet the expectations of each client.
  • Based on a rigorous methodology, Bassamat & Laraqui relies on the specific skills of its teams, but above all on a long experience in the practice of law. The firm provides its clients with personalised assistance that combines, in a complementary logic, the fields of advice and litigation. Faced with complex situations, Bassamat & Laraqui implements negotiation or action strategies, in demand or in defence, targeting all its areas of expertise.


Founded in 1989 by Asmâa Laraqui Hossini, Rokia Kettani and Bassamat Fassi-Fihri, the firm has nearly thirty years of experience.

This expertise is now perpetuated by Asmâa Laraqui Hossini and Bassamat Fassi-Fihri.

Asmâa Laraqui Hossini

Mr. Asmâa Laraqui holds a law degree from Hassan II University in Casablanca and was sworn in in 1983 and registered at the Casablanca Bar.

In April 1989, she founded with Bassamat Fassi-Fihri and Rokia Kettani the first women's grouping law firm and devoted her professional life to business litigation.

She continues this association with Maître Bassamat Fassi Fihri and gives the firm the benefit of her perfect mastery of the law of legal proceedings.

It is helping to set up an information system specific to the management of litigation and the monitoring of all legal proceedings in real time by working to shorten the time taken to process cases.

It represents the interests of major national and foreign groups.

Bassamat Fassi-Fihri

Maître Bassamat Fassi-Fihri holds a graduate degree from the Hassan II University in Casablanca. She was sworn in in 1985 and was admitted to the Casablanca Bar in 1985. During her internship, she was interested in the publication of Moroccan doctrine and jurisprudence in French and Arabic and contributed to the resumption of the publication of the Revue Marocaine de Droit founded in 1948 by Maitres Marc Meylan and Fernand Darmond, a journal which had ceased publication by the latter in 1965.

She founded in April 1989 with Asma Laraqui and Rokia Kettani the first women's law firm and agreed with her partners to devote their professional life to business law, this association will continue to this day with Me Asma Laraqui.

Aware from the outset that the development of a law firm depends on the implementation of modern management tools, in 1994, together with a team of computer specialists, it developed an internal information system specific to the firm's fields of activity and implemented rules of participative management, giving priority to the internal promotion of employees.

Considering that the law must be accessible to all and that every citizen must be able to be informed of the evolutions of the law and jurisprudence, it created in 2004 a completely bilingual portal in which all the texts of laws as well as the most relevant jurisprudence published or not on the portal are placed at the disposal of the users free of charge.

As an expert with Doing Business, she contributes annually to the work of this organisation in the field of contract enforcement and insolvency law.

It participates with the Ministry of Justice and the National Business Environment Committee in the modernization of the justice system and contributes its know-how to the modernization of the courts and in particular the implementation of the online application platform.

It is consulted on the enactment of certain laws relating to its areas of competence.

She has a recognized experience in business law and represents the interests of large national and foreign groups. She is regularly awarded by Chamber's in the field of business litigation.


Method of working

In order to meet the ever-changing demands of companies, Bassamat & Laraqui follows with great attention the countless changes in the legal and economic world. The firm is in a position to propose the implementation of governance strategies taking into account the specificity of its clients' activities and their development objectives.

Bassamat & Laraqui has been able to adapt perfectly to the requirements of its customers in terms of safety, speed and reliability.

Each file is handled by a qualified dedicated team that has all the expertise that the client is entitled to expect. Having highly qualified people in its different areas of expertise ensures that client requests are handled in a reactive manner.

The firm's excellence and expertise are now proven. It has developed the most advanced management techniques for its clients in order to optimise the qualitative treatment of files. A state-of-the-art information system developed in-house, file tracking as well as real-time communication with the client, 2.0 solutions and management according to the best governance practices have been meticulously developed to meet the expectations of its clients.

Key to its organization, the information systems are also based on an electronic document management tool giving files and documents all the guarantees of traceability and security.

This tool makes it possible to double the paper version of a dematerialized version that is always accessible to customers, either by e-mail or by providing a secure interface.


  • Arbitration, Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution

    The firm has extensive experience in arbitration and other dispute resolution methods, particularly in intra-national and international disputes. This expertise is combined with its mastery of arbitration litigation; from the enforcement of the award to the means of annulment and enforcement. The firm is familiar with the rigorous methodologies of the major international arbitration centres (ICC, CCJA, ICSID) and offers a strategy adapted to its clients according to their sector of activity and for a rapid and less costly resolution.
  • Complex litigation

    Bassamat & Laraqui is reputed to be the best business litigation firm in the Moroccan market. With a solid legal expertise combined with an excellent mastery of judicial practice, the firm is able to handle complex litigation before all national jurisdictions. This dominant practice is moreover exploited as an advisory service in order to allow the client to benefit from reflexes of anticipation and to protect them from the risks inherent to these procedures.
  • Banking litigation

    The firm is the main interlocutor of many banking and financial institutions in their civil, criminal and commercial litigation and when their liability is sought.
  • Commercial advice and litigation, distribution and competition

    Commercial relations between the various economic players are increasingly subject to specific regimes whose stakes and procedural tools are known and mastered by the firm. Whether it concerns disputes arising from the breakdown of talks or the performance or non-performance of commercial contracts (provision of services, distribution, supply).
  • Advice and labour disputes

    Subjected to an extreme volatility in case law, Moroccan labour law is often a minefield for many companies that seek the firm's expertise both before the courts and in alternative dispute resolution. The firm is also the privileged partner of companies wishing to rethink their social policy, whether it is a question of restructuring or development. The firm responds swiftly and efficiently to all legal issues related to human resources management, whether in individual or collective litigation.
  • Corporate Law

    The firm acts for its clients, listed or unlisted commercial companies in their mergers and acquisitions or corporate transactions.
  • Business Criminal

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